SEMA 2018 Automotive News Featured Mercedes-Benz Toyota 

First Shots of the AutoNation Booth at SEMA 2018

Wow! We knew that the when we teamed up with Flat 12 Gallery and Pennzoil to transform our SEMA booth cars, the results would be spectacular. But Jeff Allen and the gang really hit it out of the park with our Toyota 4Runner and Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe! We gave them access to everything in the Auto Gear toolbox, so while both vehicles have wild exterior themes, the nuts and bolts of the builds are a great illustration of how much you can use parts from our huge list of vendors to…

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Tundra Automotive News Featured Toyota 

SEMA 2018: This Toyota Tundra has a Robotic Pizza Station

Anyone who’s seen Terminator 2: Judgement Day knows it’s only a matter of time before the machines take over. But before humans are forced to cowering in underground bunkers and fighting battalions of mechanized killers, some robots will do nice things — like make pizza! For an example, look no further than the Toyota Pizza Hut Pie Pro Tundra. Right now, it’s on display at SEMA in Las Vegas, and we sincerely hope it’s fully operational. Because what better what to attract a little attention to a booth than giving out…

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AutoNation AutoGear SEMA 4Runner Automotive News Featured Toyota 

SEMA 2018: Flat 12 Gallery is Almost Done With the Auto Gear 4Runner!

When October rolls around, most folks start thinking about Halloween parties and binging on bite-size candy. But for enthusiasts, the spookiest month of the year means just one thing: SEMA. For one week every year, this crazy automotive carnival turns the Las Vegas Convention center into gearhead nirvana, as automakers, aftermarket companies, and builders come from across the world to showcase the scene’s hottest products. This year, AutoNation  partnered with Pennzoil, and we’ll be using the annual gathering to highlight some of the great products available from Auto Gear, our…

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2018 Toyota 86 GT Featured Test Drive Reviews Toyota 

A Go-Kart for the Road: 2018 Toyota 86 GT Test Drive Review

We have a soft spot for tiny affordable sports cars with a substantial amount of horsepower and a manual gearbox. Every time we test something like the Mazda MX-5 Miata or the Volkswagen Golf GTI, we are pretty excited to see how far we can push them. We recently test drove the 2018 Toyota 86 GT and while there is a new 2019 model year, all the mechanicals are essentially the same. In a world obsessed with crossovers and taking Ubers, the Toyota 86 is a refreshing sports car that…

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2019 Toyota Avalon Featured Test Drive Reviews Toyota 

Vanilla No More: 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Test Drive

The automotive world is a lot like high school, it’s never easy to change a reputation. But Toyota is quickly changing its reputation by ditching safe, “vanilla” vehicle designs with bolder, more polarizing new models. This trend started with the current Camry, Prius and Corolla Hatchback, and it has been joined by the all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon. Since it was first introduced in 1994, the Avalon has always been a middle child between the Camry and Lexus ES, and it was perhaps overshadowed by both with a higher price than…

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