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The Best Used Cars Right Now

Why do most people hang onto their cars? We tend to develop a strong connection to cars with nice interiors, generous features, fuel efficiency—and it doesn’t hurt if it’s fun to drive. Consumer Reports recently did a study on used cars with the highest satisfaction levels, after compiling data on half a million vehicles, in a survey of 225,935 subscribers. They looked at two benchmark years for used cars—three years old (2014) and ten years old (2007). Here we outline some of the best used cars, the models car owners…

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Steel vs Aluminum Truck Beds

The conversation started long ago. Which is better: steel vs aluminum truck beds? When it comes to truck beds, what is your preference and why? The dead giveaway First off, can you tell if a truck bed is steel or aluminum? While it’s not always easy to detect with just the naked eye, there are tells. If you and a friend are ever randomly having a massive debate over steel vs aluminum truck beds, the way to tell them apart is with a magnet. It may be the oldest trick…

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Over the Top Luxury Car Features

In a perfect world, there would be a luxury car for everyone. Farfetched though it may seem, we share a collective appreciation for the finer things. The good news is that more and more features that were once commonly associated only with luxury cars are now being offered in non-premium cars. But in the spirit of escapism, we’ve rounded up three outlandish luxury car features for your continued amusement. BMW: Gentleman Function Just what do you suppose one would do with a feature coined the Gentleman Function? With the Gentleman…

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Check Out Some of the Coolest Car Colors Available Now

Next time you head out to the grocery store, take a second and examine the parking lot. Chances are, you’ll see a collection of white, black, and silver cars — and not much else. Those three colors have been top sellers for an eternity, but in our humble opinion, some of the coolest car colors available right now fall far outside that relatively reserved spectrum. Now, we’ll admit that the choices below are bold, and might not be to everyone’s taste. That said? If you pick one of these hues,…

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2018 Toyota C-HR Color Options

The 2018 Toyota C-HR is here. It’s a reality. And it’s going to be at your local AutoNation Toyota dealership. Thinking about owning a compact crossover, the bite-sized SUV perfect for smaller families or adventure-oriented couples? You’re in the right place. Your options already ranged all over the brand spectrum, from the Subaru Crosstrek and the Mazda CX-5 to the Honda HR-V and Ford Escape. Now? Toyota has entered the fray with its extremely competitive 2018 Toyota C-HR. It’s the first, ever. And it aims to make some serious waves…

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