Featured Test Drive Reviews Volkswagen 

2017 Volkswagen Jetta Test Drive Review

If you want a manual gearbox in a compact car these days, it seems you either have to get a stripped-down base model or an optioned-up sport-tuned model. That isn’t the case with the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta SE. Like the base Jetta S, the SE trim level comes standard with a manual transmission and efficient engine, but it also adds in a long list of standard features. Bottom line, it’s the perfect middle ground for buyers looking to balance cost and amenities, and we got to spend a week in…

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Featured Ford Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium Test Drive Review

A mid-cycle refresh generally means a few internal and external modifications along with a bit of mechanical tweaking. For 2018, Ford has not only increased power output for both the 5.0L V-8 and EcoBoost, but there are new suspension and transmission options as well. In our opinion that transcends a standard refresh and jumps right into full revamp territory. For the full 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium review, specs, pricing, and data read on… 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium Plus Exterior  Our 2018 Mustang GT Premium was equipped with the…

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Featured Mitsubishi Test Drive Reviews 

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Test Drive Review

In the automotive world, it’s always nice to be a leader in sales, but in an overcrowded market, sometimes it can be just as nice to stand out a little bit. That’s exactly where the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport fits into the compact crossover landscape. The current Outlander Sport was introduced for the 2011 model year, and it was refreshed in 2016 trying to remain competitive against high-volume CUVs like the Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Equinox and Nissan Rogue–a daunting task in this segment. Earlier this year, we checked out a…

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Featured Test Drive Reviews Toyota 

2017 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition Test Drive Review

Pickup trucks have a long history in this country. For decades, they’ve been symbols of strength, independence, and capability. They’ve helped build the highways that connect states, transport construction materials for millions of homes and iconic buildings, and become synonymous with country music. We really didn’t need to tell you that, though. Truckmakers are more than willing to tell you all about their heritage themselves. The full-size Toyota Tundra only goes back as far as the 2000 model year, picking up where the T100 left off as the brand’s top…

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Alfa Romeo Featured Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Test Drive Review

At the end of a commercial for the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, you’ll see the Italian words “La meccanica delle emozioni.” In English, those translate to “The mechanics of emotions.” It’s a fitting phrase given that Alfa Romeo creates machines that are designed to inspire feelings of joy, excitement, and pleasure. Here’s another phrase that applies to Alfa Romeo: “Never say never.” When Alfa Romeo left the U.S. market in the mid-1990s, it was uncertain whether the automaker would ever again sell its vehicles in the country whose film industry…

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