Civic Type R Pickup Automotive News Featured Honda 

Honda Made a Civic Type R Pickup Because Why Not?

To answer the question everyone is going to have? Nope, Honda will not sell you a Civic Type R pickup. “Project P,” as it was dubbed internally, was basically done just for fun, and to possibly take a run at the notorious Nurburgring — which is a whole different level of fun. Here’s what project lead Alyn James had to say about why the Civic Type R pickup exists: We have a special projects division at the factory in Swindon and this project was a fantastic opportunity for the team to show…

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Ford Mach 1 SUV Automotive News Featured Ford 

Ford’s Mach 1 Electric SUV: Mustang Cues, Escape Platform

Back in January, during the run up to this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Ford mentioned that it was working on a new Mach 1 — but there was a catch. Unlike the Blue Oval’s previous use of the supersonic moniker, which famously graced some high-performance versions of the Mustang, it’s set to be used for an all-electric SUV with a 300-mile range. Now, our friends over at Autocar have learned that the new model will be based on the next-generation Escape, and somehow, the streets of the Motor City are…

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F-150 Production Automotive News Featured Ford 

Ready to Rock: F-150 Production Set to Restart

Last week, when we reported that Ford would be forced to halt F-150 production, the company offered no timeline for when it would be able to resume. But fortunately for the Blue Oval, we’ve learned it will be able to restart the line tomorrow, Friday, May 18th. It’s obviously welcome news for the company, along with the roughly 8000 workers idled by the halt. Details on the development comes from the Kansas City Star, which published the following statement from Ford: Ford marshaled a global team of experts, that included…

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Lexus LF-1 Limitless Automotive News Featured Lexus 

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept Could Hit the Market as the LQ

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept debuted at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, and when we first laid eyes on it, we didn’t think it would remain just a concept for long. Because given how hot the crossover market is right now, a sleek, coupe-styled model is almost certainly going to be a runaway hit — and the LF-1 Limitless basically defines sleek and coupe-styled. And unlike, say, the stunning Genesis Essentia Concept we drooled over at the New York Auto Show last month, it actually looks fairly close to…

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