Prius Prime Automotive News Featured 

Prime Time: The Prius Prime is the Plug-In Hybrid You Want

Since the introduction of the first Prius two decades ago, Toyota has been a leader in hybrid vehicles. The sheer number of the fuel-sipping compacts on the road stands testament to how successful the company has been at making the once-niche technology part of the mainstream, and now, the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid is taking things to the next level. Obviously, the biggest difference between the Prius Prime and standard models is the charging port, which allows drivers to charge their batteries from either the comfort of home, or at…

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BMW M550i xDrive Automotive News Featured Videos 

2018 BMW M550i xDrive Review: Video

Years ago, large luxury sedans didn’t have any sporting pretensions. The land yachts of yore had floaty suspensions and turned with all the alacrity of an aircraft carrier, and that was fine for most manufacturers. But not BMW. Upon its introduction, the company’s M5 essentially flipped the script on what a sedan could be, in that it was comfortable cruiser one moment, and a corner-carving beast the second. And while the 2018 BMW M550i XDrive isn’t the most potent version of the 5 Series, that’s still the M5, it remains a…

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Genesis Sports Car Automotive News Featured 

New Genesis Sports Car Will Have Two Seats, Hybrid Drive

Right now, the Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing. And while the annual gathering in Las Vegas used to be all about gadgets and gizmos, in recent years, more and more automakers—like Toyota—have been coming to the party. Because today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever, and with drivers looking for integration with all of the devices they’ve come to depend on, it only makes sense that we’re seeing significant overlap between the tech and transportation industries. That said, this bit of news has nothing to do with infotainment,…

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Toyota Self Driving Car Automotive News Featured Lexus Toyota 

e-Palette Unveiled: Toyota Self Driving Car at CES 2018

For 50 years, the titans of technology have gathered every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to showcase their most innovative breakthroughs. Among the nearly 4000 companies showing this year is Toyota, which has finally made public its recent advancements in autonomy—and the Toyota self-driving car is surely halting spectators in their tracks. Last year, we first wrote about the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and its reliance on open source software to develop artificial intelligence (AI) as the building block for their connected apps and autonomous…

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Bullitt Mustang Automotive News Featured 

New Bullitt Mustang Coming, Will Debut at Barrett-Jackson

You don’t have to be a gearhead or a film historian to know the car chase scene from Bullitt is one of the greatest ever. Sure, there have been plenty of awesome sequences shot since, but The French Connection, Ronin, and the Bourne Identity all owe a tremendous debt to director Peter Yates’ white-knuckle sprint through the streets of San Francisco. Leading man and “King of Cool” Steve McQueen actually did his own driving for the scene, because when he wasn’t in front of the camera he was driving race…

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