718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport Rally Car Automotive News Featured Porsche 

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport Rally Car Likely Coming

At this point, Porsche hasn’t committed to producing the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport rally car seen in these photos.  But as enthusiasts know, Stuttgart does love its race cars, so we think we’re likely to see this hot concept eventually offered to buyers. The track-focused version, which sees duty in Porsche’s single-model Clubsport racing series, is already popular with budding hot shoes looking to graduate from the amateur ranks, and would be an excellent, economical, turn-key solution for drivers looking to break into rally racing. The biggest visual difference from standard…

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Ford Mustang Automotive News Featured Ford 

Major Milestone: The 10 Millionth Ford Mustang has Rolled Off the Line

There are few cars as iconic as the Ford Mustang, and this week, the Blue Oval celebrated a huge milestone, by way of a Wimbledon White convertible. It marks the 10 millionth Mustang to roll off the line, and the specs are as close as the company could get them to the very first Pony car. We were actually surprised to learn that the first Mustang was a convertible, but hey, you learn something new every day. As evidence of that, our resident hot shoe Mike Musto recently learned that…

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Honda Type R Challenge Automotive News Featured Honda 

Honda Civic Type R Wraps Up Record-Setting Tour: Video

The current Honda Civic Type R was the first generation to be available in the United States, and as with other long-forbidden fruit, like the Nissan GT-R, expectations were high. Fortunately for Honda, the little pocket rocket delivered in a big way. Enthusiast publications far and wide hailed the performance of the hot hatch, and were genuinely impressed at how well the company was able to make its front-wheel drive platform handle. But Honda wasn’t content with simply positive press, so it launched the Type R Challenge, which saw it…

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2019 Ford Ranger Automotive News Featured Ford 

Option Away: The 2019 Ford Ranger Configurator is Live

Most of the 2019 Ford Ranger news we’ve reported on lately has been focused on the Raptor version, which hasn’t been officially confirmed for the United States yet. That said, we don’t want to steal any thunder from the standard version of the Ranger, a hotly anticipated pickup meant to reestablish the Blue Oval in the mid-size truck market, and take on the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevy Colorado. We’ve yet to get our hands on the 2019 Ford Ranger, but our recent tests of the 2018 F-150 XLT and…

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BMW M5 Automotive News BMW Featured 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is an Awesome BMW M5 Commercial

The latest Mission: Impossible is theaters right now, and the BMW M5 has a starring role. The car chase is being hailed by critics as one of the best in years, so if you’re a fan of BMWs, or just high-octane action in general, it’s definitely worth a trip to the theater. Along with a current generation of BMW’s legendary sports sedan, the flick also features a classic E28 model, though some fans might cringe at the treatment it receives on the streets of Paris. After all, we can’t imagine…

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