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Porsche Celebrates Production of the Millionth 911 Automotive News 

Porsche Celebrates Production of the Millionth 911

The millionth 911 has rolled out of Porsche’s factory in Zuffenhausen, marking a milestone for one of the world’s most iconic cars. Finished in Irish Green, and featuring an interior with wood accents and houndstooth seats, number one million is a sentimental nod to the very first 911, which was optioned the same way. To keep with the traditional theme, it’s also sporting a stick, not a PDK dual-clutch transmission — and it’s definitely not a hybrid. Now, you might be wondering why 911 number one was painted in Irish Green, as opposed to a traditional…

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Mystery Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon Spotted Testing at Nurburgring Automotive News 

Mystery Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon Spotted Testing at Nurburgring

If you’re looking for an even more vicious version of the Mercedes-AMG E63 S wagon? Well first, you’ve likely got at least a couple of screws loose, as current versions already boast a whopping 603 horsepower. But if this new spy video it to be believed, you might just get your wish. Captured at the Nurburgring by Automotive Mike, it shows a partially camouflaged example tearing up the infamous circuit, and it’s wearing a set of flared fenders which aren’t seen on the current models, along with a set of wheels from the AMG GT….

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BMW-Stick-Shift Automotive News 

How Much Longer Can the Stick Shift Survive?

In many ways, we’re living in the golden age of cars. But for many enthusiasts all the technological advancement has come with a dire cost, in that it’s getting harder and harder to find a car with a proper stick shift. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love modern cars. Today’s vehicles are safer, more reliable, and faster than they’ve ever been. When you consider the fact AutoNation Dodge dealers are currently offering a 700 horsepower, street legal car with a warranty — and are about to majorly up the…

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Purists Rejoice: Porsche Drops Plans for 911 Hybrid Automotive News 

Purists Rejoice: Porsche Drops Plans for 911 Hybrid

For devotees still fuming about the company’s embrace of water-cooled engines, Porsche has some good news: Don’t expect a 911 hybrid anytime soon. Because while Stuttgart has embraced the technology for its weapons-grade race cars — see the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0 — plans for a street version have now been officially nixed. The news comes straight from 911 program chief August Achleitner, who recently confirmed to Car and Driver that the project is dead. Because while the company was reportedly working on a hybrid 911 as recently as last year,…

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2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Automotive News 

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Will Start at $42,990

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio was greeted with reams of glowing praise when it debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in November, and now we have new information about the cost of entry for the Italian company’s first-ever SUV. Entry-level models will start at $42,990*, which is a competitive number in the segment populated with Jaguar F-Pace, Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Mercedes-Benz GLC. When Alfa Romeo launched its Giulia sedan late last year, the high-performance Quadrifoglio models led the charge, but with the Stelvio, the company is choosing to roll out the base…

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