Camaro SEMA 2018 Automotive News Chevrolet Featured 

Hot New Color: Chevy Will Debut Shock Yellow Camaro at SEMA

Chevy always brings a host of awesome product to SEMA, and this year will be no exception. We’ve already gotten a peak at the four versions of the Silverado we’ll see on the floor, and now, the company has released some teaser pics of another vehicle set for the show. Given the Shock yellow hue, it will likely be impossible to miss this 2019 Camaro SS. According to the press release, Shock will be available early in the new year. Along with the electrifying greenish-yellow exterior, the Camaro on display…

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General Motors Automotive News Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Featured GMC 

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Extension Now Available From GM

One of the best parts about purchasing a brand-new vehicle is the peace of mind which comes with knowing you have a warranty.  So folks looking at a new model from General Motors got some good news this morning, as buyers will now be able to opt for an extended, factory-backed version. “Under terms of the extension, the warranty on a new Buick or Cadillac will go from four years or 50,000 miles to six years or 70,000 miles, while Chevrolet and GMC vehicles will go from three years or 36,000…

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Electric Jaguar Automotive News Featured Jaguar 

Shocking Shift: New Report Says Jaguar Might Go Full Electric

While Tesla has introduced some impressive vehicles, we think Elon Musk’s California start up’s biggest success has been how the company has managed to flip the script when it comes to electric cars. Now, they’re not just fringe vehicles aimed at die-hard environmentalists, but luxury products that can have all the comfort and performance buyers have come to expect from the industry’s top players. That said, there’s a downside for Tesla, in that other manufacturers have been taking note, and the next couple years will see a new wave of…

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BMW Automotive News BMW Featured 

BMW Development Boss Pulls No Punches in Discussing New 3 Series

While we’ve been impressed with all the recent BMW product we’ve gotten to test, in recent years, it’s been very fashionable to pine about how the company has lost its way. And at least one guy is sick of it, and he happens to be BMW development boss Klaus Frohlich. Here’s what he said to our friends over at Australia’s Motoring: “It has to beat everybody in the segment in driving dynamics because all the Australian, UK and American journalists say ‘ooh the E46 CSL was the last real 3 Series’,’…

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New Ford Bronco Automotive News Featured Ford 

New Ford Bronco Might Get a 7-Speed Manual Transmission

There’s been a lot of excitement about the new Ranger, but off-road enthusiasts are still looking for any information they can get on the new Ford Bronco. While it’s not due until 2020, we’ve managed to learn quite a bit about the Blue Oval’s new Jeep fighter, and now our friends at Jalopnik are reporting a very interesting bit of news: it might get a seven-speed manual transmission. Of course, nobody at Ford is confirming this report but here’s the juiciest bit from the post: According to sources who spoke with Jalopnik,…

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