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Pacifica Sesame Street Ads Automotive News 

Chrysler’s New Pacifica Sesame Street Ads Are Great Fun

Rocket science, it’s not: If you want to make kids howl for a product? Put one of their favorite TV characters on the packaging. For better or worse, the tactic has been working for cereal companies for decades. And now Chrysler is hoping its Pacifica Sesame Street ads will deliver similar returns. As you’d expect, the commercials feature technical breakdowns of the vehicle’s various systems, along with gritty reminders about the dangers of drunk driving. The cherry on top will be an exhaustive history of the minivan’s place in American car culture,…

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Jaguar Barrel Roll Automotive News 

E-Pace Publicity Stunt: Jaguar Barrel Roll Sets Guinness World Record

Today, most publicity stunts don’t necessitate safety equipment like ramps, roll cages and helmets. They’re more likely to involve saying something inflammatory on Twitter. But this Jaguar barrel roll needed all three — and it’s pretty awesome. While lots of companies would settle for simply unveiling their new babies by say, pulling a cover off them, Jaguar has taken a decidedly different approach with its first SUVs. In September, stunt driver set a Terry Grant set a Guinness World Record by driving an F-Pace through a Hot Wheels-inspired 360-degree loop,…

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Automotive News 

2018 Lexus LC 500 Driving Impressions

This month I took the all-new 2018 LC 500 from Lexus out on a short drive in Southern California. Walking up to the car, I notice carefully sculpted lines and a large physical presence. Lexus has crafted a nice luxury feel that you would expect for a car with a starting MSRP just under $100,000. After leaving the Lexus dealership, I took the 605 freeway south from Cerritos and exited after just a few miles in Seal Beach. The mission: Find a few twists and turns where I could test…

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2018 F-150 Automotive News 

Here are the Engines That Will Power Ford’s 2018 F-150 and Expedition

There’s no replacement for displacement is one of the oldest idioms in the gearhead vernacular — and it gets proven more and more wrong every year. For a pair of examples, look no further than the 2018 F-150 and Expedition. Because while big V-8s have hardly gone extinct, the engine sizes for the popular Fords are following the same general trends were seeing across the industry. Meaning they’re going down. Of course, because we don’t live in some kind of dystopian Bizarro Superman world, the 2018 F-150 will be available with…

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All New INFINITI QX30 Crossover Automotive News 

Meet the All New INFINITI QX30 Crossover

What do you get when you merge the Mercedes-Benz GLA platform with INFINITI transmission and tuning? A compact luxury crossover that blends sportiness with elegance and offers one of the best values in the luxury subcompact crossover class. The all new INFINITI QX30 crossover is available in four trim levels: Base, Luxury, Premium, and Sport. As for appearance, it’s instantly recognizable as an INFINITI, with exterior lines that flourish with chrome accents. The all new INFINITI QX30 crossover is powered by a turbo-charged 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine that generates 208-hp…

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