AutoNation SEMA 2018 Automotive News Featured Mercedes-Benz 

SEMA 2018: Jeff Allen of Flat 12 Gallery on the Auto Gear Mercedes C300

As we wrote about yesterday, this year AutoNation is bringing not one, but two builds to SEMA this year. We’ve already given you a sneak peak of the wicked Toyota 4Runner we’re putting together, so now it’s time to take a look behind door number two. Since we were already doing a vehicle with off-road chops, we decided to go in a completely different direction for its booth mate — and it’s obvious that Jeff is pretty excited about it. The base vehicle is a stock Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe, but…

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2018 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet Featured Mercedes-Benz Test Drive Reviews 

Extravagance and Performance: 2018 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet Test

The new S-Class lineup is some of our favorite luxury vehicles on the market right now. Especially when it comes to the S-Class Coupe and the S-Class Convertible. They just have such a powerful presence on the road, and with AMG in the mix, you’re left with something that started out gorgeous and wound up looking  absolutely marvelous. We recently spent some time with the all-new 2018 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet, and first of all, this drop top isn’t a cheap car by any means. Prices start at $250,900 which puts…

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Featured Mercedes-Benz Test Drive Reviews 

Absolute Stunner: 2018 Mercedes-Benz S560 4MATIC Coupe Test Drive

Hype is a double-edged sword. For automakers, excitement over an upcoming model can sell units before they even go into production. It happens in the supercar realm, where a sketch can be enough to get well-heeled buyers to put enormous deposits down on a car they haven’t even seen in the metal. However, if enough people find a particular vehicle doesn’t live up to that hype, that disappointment can tarnish its appeal. The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S560 4MATIC Coupe more than lived up to its hype. I knew the S-Class was…

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE Automotive News Featured Mercedes-Benz 

Check Out the Interior of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE: Video

We expect that the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE will make its official debut at L.A. Auto Show this November, but to whet our appetites for the latest version of the luxury mid-size SUV, the company just released a teaser video. There aren’t any shots of the exterior in this very short clip, but as the camera pans over the interior, the text delivers an instruction — “be prepared!” — that hypes the big changes to the cabin. The redesign should bring the GLE into line with the split screen dash design…

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2018 Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Featured Mercedes-Benz 

Fit for a King: 2018 Mercedes-Maybach S 650

It goes without saying that a Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already a luxurious machine. That said, if you’re looking to truly up the ante, there’s only one choice: the Mercedes-Maybach S 650. These exquisite vehicles are the ground equivalent of a private jet, and the ride of choice for figurative and literal royalty. Just take a look at this stunning Designo Diamond White example. Now, you’d expect a machine of this caliber to come with a crazy power plant, and given that it’s packing a 621-horsepower twin-turbo 6.0-liter V-12, the Maybach delivers…

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