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2018 GMC Acadia AWD SLT-1 Test Drive Review

With an overall length of 193.6-inches and riding on a 112.5-inch wheelbase, you immediately notice that the 2018 GMC Acadia SLT-1 is a good-sized vehicle. And with rugged good looks (thanks to the All-Terrain package) along with all-weather capabilities, it definitely feels more like a light-duty truck than a standard SUV. It also has power, storage, the latest in technology and a starting price of around $30,000 for a base model SL variant. Add these traits together and you’ll soon realize that GMC has come up with a capable family…

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2019 GMC Sierra Denali Featured GMC 

Check Out the Totally Trick Tailgate on the 2019 GMC Sierra: Video

When it comes down to it, unless you’re talking about the party, tailgates really aren’t that interesting. Because they’re just kind of a door that closes off the end of the bed, and the coolest thing they generally do is provide a place to sit. But the trick new MultiPro Tailgate on the GMC Sierra does a whole lot more than that! Here’s the full breakdown: Primary Gate: This is what you think about when you think about a tailgate. Press a button on the key fob, and it folks down…

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The 2018 GMC Acadia Review is Family Friendly Luxury: Video

When a vehicle is redesigned, there’s a good chance it’s going to get bigger. But when it came time to update its popular GMC Acadia, General Motors went the other direction by trimming the overall length and dropping over 700 pounds from the curb weight. In our opinion, it was a good move. During our test drive of the latest Acadia, we didn’t miss the extra sheet metal, and found the cabin to be well appointed, with lots of features sure to keep passengers of this six-seat people mover happy…

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Featured GMC Test Drive Reviews 

2018 GMC Canyon Denali 4X4 Test Drive Review

Every new year brings with it new resolutions. Perhaps you decided that 2018 is the year you’ll change jobs. Maybe you’re determined to go back to school and get your master’s degree. Or it could be that you’re going to stop borrowing your neighbor’s truck every time you need to move something heavy and get your very own pickup. There are plenty of options out there. Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram all make heavy duty trucks with robust gas V-8 engines and diesel power plants with torque ratings that are…

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GM In-Dash Marketplace Lets You Shop While You Drive

By the end of 2018, four million GM vehicles in the US will get technology to book hotel rooms, order food, locate gas, and more, right from their vehicle’s dashboards, as GM rolls out its new Marketplace technology. This will effect 2017 (and on)  Chevrolet, Buick, GM and Cadillac models which will be instantly equipped with the GM in-dash Marketplace technology. The in-dash e-commerce technology was developed with IBM and is being financed by participating merchants. At launch, it will begin with the first wave of retailers, including the restaurant chain…

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