Featured Nissan Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Nissan Frontier SV V6 Midnight Edition 4X4 Test Drive

There’s a comfort in consistency. For years, there have been companies you can rely on for certain things. Brooks Brothers has been making suits for two centuries. Coca-Cola has been quenching thirsts since the late 19th century. Many of the biggest films of the last 94 years have literally roared onto the silver screen thanks to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Nissan introduced the current generation of its Frontier pickup for the 2005 model year… and is still manufacturing it. It’s still a body-on-frame mid-size truck. It’s still available in King Cab and…

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Mid-Engine Corvette Automotive News Chevrolet Featured 

Patent Filing Suggests Mid-Engine Corvette Could Get Manual

While there’s been no confirmation from the General, at this point, we know that a mid-engine Corvette is coming. And while we still have more questions than answers about the long-awaited American supercar, there’s been plenty of credible information about what it’ll be called, what the powertrain options will be, and where it will debut. For the record? We don’t think it’ll kill the traditional front-engine model, as some have feared. But one question we’ve had — because we’re unapologetic fans of a third pedal — is whether or not…

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2018 Ford Fusion Platinum Energi Featured Ford Test Drive Reviews 

Beautiful Inside and Out: 2018 Ford Fusion Platinum Energi Test Drive

With beautiful exterior lines and a wonderful interior, the 2018 Ford Fusion Platinum Energi combines style and luxury in a way that few in the segment can match. A supplemental EV range of up to 20 miles means fewer trips to the gas station, and when combined with an extra-efficient 2.0-liter I4 plug-in hybrid petrol engine, drivers are looking at a combined range of up to 104-mpge*. It’s quiet and comfortable, and after spending a week with it, we came to one very clear conclusion: We didn’t want to give…

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Ford GT Launch Control Automotive News Featured Ford 

Like a Rocket: Experience Launch Control in the Ford GT

Seriously, what’s not to love about the Ford GT? It was developed behind a veil of 007-level secrecy, it looks the business, and it bested everything in its class at Le Mans. We were in love with this baby since the Blue Oval pulled the wraps off at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2015, and since then, it hasn’t lost a bit of its allure. If we have any complaint about this weapons-grade track slayer, it’s that we don’t have one parked in our garage right now. But hey,…

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2018 BMW M760i xDrive BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

Above and Beyond: 2018 BMW M760i xDrive Test Drive

While most, if not all, BMW fans have been asking the automaker for an M version of the 7-Series, the German automaker has no intentions of offering a high-performance version of its flagship sedan. But the 2018 BMW M760i xDrive hopes to satisfy some of the cravings for an M7 with a monstrous twin-turbo V12 engine, a beefed up exterior, and some impressive performance figures. Not only is the BMW M760i xDrive the fastest version of the 7-Series ever, it is also the most expensive BMW ever made. Carrying a…

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