2018 BMW i3s BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

Responsible Fun: 2018 BMW i3s Test Drive Review

BMW delivered two totally different takes on plug-in cars when it introduced the i8 and i3 in 2014. The i8 was a futuristic-looking sports car with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, while the i3 was an all-electric hatchback with an optional range-extending gasoline engine. As BMW’s lineup of plug-in vehicles continues to grow, the new 2018 BMW i3s injects a little sportiness into the updated hatchback. Although the i3s makes no promises of being an electric M3, BMW says that the i3s was given a high-performance motor and a sport suspension….

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BMW X3 M40i BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

2018 BMW X3 M40i Test Drive Review

In an effort to appeal to more mainstream buyers, BMW has recently been downplaying the “Ultimate Driving Machine” marketing which historically attracted sports car enthusiasts. But there are a plenty of BMW models left which still offer a thrilling experience at every turn — and one of those vehicles is the all-new third-generation BMW X3. The 2018 BMW X3 offers a spirited drive no matter which trim level you select. And since there’s no such thing as “too sporty,” BMW also offers one of the most compelling X3 models that’s…

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2018 BMW M5 BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

An Icon Reborn: 2018 BMW M5 Test Drive Review

The BMW M5 is an icon. It was one of the original super sedans and is generally the one that sets the bar for others to follow. It started with the E28 M5 that debuted in 1986. Back then it was powered by a 3.5L inline-6 that made 256hp and 243 lb-ft of torque and was one of the best-looking cars of its day. But that was over 30 years ago — and since then a lot has changed. This new M5 is a technical marvel that features a 4.4L…

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New BMW 8 Series Automotive News BMW Featured 

New BMW 8 Series Will Be Revealed June 15th

Die-hard BMW fans are sure to be thrilled that the company is returning to the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. And now, there’s even more to look forward to, as the company has announced it will use the hype around the event to reveal the new BMW 8 Series coupe. It will be the first BMW to be badged an 8 Series in nearly two decades. There’s even a teaser shot of the new vehicle is this promotional pic behind weapons-grade race car BMW will field in…

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BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

X Marks the Spot: 2018 BMW X2 xDrive28i Test Drive

Pick a number, one through six. No matter which one you choose, BMW offers a Sports Activity Vehicle that corresponds to it. The first was the X5 of the late 1990s. It blended BMW’s signature sporty driving dynamics with a larger, roomier body that had more ground clearance than a BMW sedan. Then came the smaller X3. An even smaller X1 eventually debuted. BMW decided to make its SAVs even sportier by introducing coupe-like models such as the X6 and X4, and M performance versions of the X5 and X6….

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