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The BMW iM2 Concept is a Driver-Centered Electric Fantasy

So we should probably get this out of the way right from the get-go: While all concept cars are fantasy to a degree, the BMW iM2 Concept is more fantastical than most. Because this pocket rocket’s lines didn’t even come from BMW, but rather the studio of Mexican artist David Olivares.

Like much great art — and for the record, we do think these renderings are great — this was a product of great pain. In this case, that pain was born of BMW M Division chief Frank van Meel’s admission that the venerated performance line will ultimately embrace electric powertrains. At that news, many BMW geeks still smoldering over the muffled noise of the latest turbo I-6 engines lost their collective minds and retreated to their garages, where they studied E30 torque specs in an attempt to drown out the deafening silence of the electric apocalypse. What can we say? BMW’s fans are devoted.

But Olivares’ iM2 Concept sees a future much kinder for gearheads. In his vision, we’ve sacrificed the smell of gasoline and the roar of internal combustion for the instant, blinding power of batteries, but can still find joy in the experience of driving.

As he describes, “The iM2 is a car made for the future driving aficionado. It bonds the user and the machine by providing him a raw control of the vehicle. This series hopes to fill the gaps between the current BMW series. It sacrifices luxury, top speed, and range to achieve great acceleration, balance, and competitive price,”

For everyone that’s shuddered at the idea of a landscape dominated by autonomous pods controlling our every movement, the iM2 is a welcome alternative. And hey, we purists don’t have to worry about the 911 going hybrid just yet.

As you can probably imagine, there are no specifics, on power, price, weight, or anything really. And the chance that iM2 will arrive at your local AutoNation-affiliated BMW dealer is about as high as the company going back to carbureted straight sixes. But hopefully, there’s a place for cars like it in the future — and they have to start with a dream.

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