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Bigger Batteries and More: What’s New for the BMW i8

The two-seater open-top BMW i8 Hybrid Roadster was recently added to the i8 lineup, slated to go on sale in the spring of 2018. The plug-in hybrid has been engineered to hold more battery power, with an accelerated battery capacity and range. Bigger batteries for the BMW i8 include an increase in capacity to 34 ampere hours—up from 20 ampere hours.

Additionally, the bigger battery power for the BMW i8 includes the ability to drive the first 18 miles in electric mode, which beats the outgoing coupe by 30 per cent. Horsepower has been ramped-up to 369, as well. Gross energy capacity has increased from 7.1 kilowatt-hours to 11.6 kilowatt-hours.

Both Roadster and Coupe have received performance upgrades and design tweaks for the 2019 models. Air ducts have been added between the roof frame and rear lights. The kidney grille has been enlarged and given a flat underbody. The BMW i8 Roadster has an electric canvas hood that can be folded down in 16 seconds. Enthusiasts will also want to know that Roadster will hit 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, while the Coupe takes just 4.4 to accomplish the task.

What else is new for the BMW i8?

* An e-copper metallic finish is now available
* New 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels
* Upgraded sports steering wheel
* Multi-function instrument display
* Floating touchscreen control
* Full-leather interior
* More lightweight aluminum connecting mechanisms
* The BMW i8 Roadster features improved soundproofing

Both 2019 BMW i8 models have engines mated to a six-speed transmission that sends power to all four wheels, and different settings to help them adapt to your whims. Driving modes include Sport, Comfort, Eco Pro (hybrid), and Comfort and Eco Pro (all-electric).

Look out for these highly-anticipated arrivals next year, and secure your spot in line by visiting your local AutoNation-affiliated BMW dealership.

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