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The Best Rear Entertainment System on the Market

Entertainment can make or break a family road trip. Drivers and their passengers up front may want up-tempo driving songs to keep the mood upbeat while those in the back may demand Top 40 hits and/or children’s programming. The good news is you can avert disaster. Select Honda models—like the Honda Odyssey—win the best rear entertainment system on the market in 2018. The advanced rear entertainment system (RES) can operate separate from the entertainment system found up front, much to the delight of road warriors across the land.

The ceiling-mounted rear entertainment system found in higher trims like the Honda Odyssey Elite has a 10.2 inch display screen with a factory-integrated Blu-ray system. Wireless headphones are included—and appreciated. The Blu-ray player is conveniently accessible from the center console. Once the little ones exhaust all the Disney and Pixar selections on hand, there’s an HDMI port with which games can be connected. Built-in data can accommodate video or data streaming and included apps right now are Toon Goggles, PBS Kids, and Happy Kids for the little ones and Spotify and iHeart Radio for the adults.

how much farther app

Are We Almost There Yet?
With the best rear entertainment system you’ll never have to hear the recursive loop, “Are we almost there yet?” Honda has launched a preemptive strike against hackneyed refrains with the “How Much Farther” app! What this means is those up front will receive a higher ratio of peaceful moments to nervy ones.  Indeed, you’ll have the upper hand and can brandish this app from the onset. The way we see it, this app alone makes the rear entertainment system in the 2018 Honda Odyssey a triumph.

With this rear entertainment system, you’ll also get:

  • 115 Volt outlet
  • WiFi HotSpot connectivity
  • Remote control of the RES, Navigation and climate control
  • Passengers can share music with a Social Playlist
  • Multiple USB ports

The Honda Odyssey Elite is quite possibly changing the way we look at family time on the road. This year’s model also comes with the buzzed-about Magic Slide seats that allow for creative and unconventional seating positioning—yet again another brilliant feat of engineering not just to haul oddly shaped packages (tall or long) but also to keep children separated when meltdowns are brewing. With the holiday season approaching, we just might have to wrap the 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite in a bright red ribbon and will it under the tree.

Are you ready to test out the best rear entertainment system of the year? Get to your local AutoNation Honda dealership where legions are flocking to try out this innovative and thoughtful gift from Honda.

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