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Best Car Maintenance Advice from the Experts: Keep Your Car Longer

The Internet rounded up a panel of esteemed automotive professionals who had the best car maintenance advice from the experts on the topic of how to keep your car longer, and they are as follows:

Question: How do I make my car last forever?
Answer: Well, technology hasn’t quite built an immortal car just yet, but, you can do any of the following to help make it last as long as realistically possible:

Practice good maintenance, like the Basic Three: Watch coolant levels, tire pressure, and oil levels, always. In fact, make it a habit to check all fluid levels and replace any auto parts that are showing wear and tear.

Tip: make sure you use only manufacturer approved coolants and fluids.

Stick to a regular service schedule. Never put off having your car serviced beyond the recommended mileage.

Another car tip that will help your car last longer is to park it in a garage or under covered parking. The sun and other elements can degrade and wear down paint and other materials.

Keep it clean. This is also an important part of keeping your car longer. One car expert recommends a washing every two to four weeks, especially in the winter when salt on the roads can deteriorate the car’s paint job and rust out other parts of the exterior.

Keep the interior clean by performing cleaning and moisturizing duties inside as well. Cloth upholstery, leather and wood can be cleaned regularly with soap treatments purchased at any auto parts store.

More car maintenance advice from the experts includes looking after your brakes and brake pads. It’s recommended you replace brake pads around every 40,000 miles, and your rotors at 60,000 miles.

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