Drive Pink 

AutoNation Drive Pink Across America

Drive Pink Across America

What started in 2013 as a mission to raise money for cancer research has evolved into a movement. Drive Pink is an important element of the AutoNation voice. On October 11th, AutoNation will Drive Pink Across America, commemorating its 11 million vehicles sold and $11 million donated to cancer charities since 2013. To celebrate, AutoNation has selected several dealerships in each market to represent AutoNation in their local communities. These stores will receive a delivery in early October containing 25 gift bags and a collection of special items designed to bring comfort to adults or children undergoing cancer treatment.

AutoNation store associates will assemble the bags, add a handwritten message of encouragement, and then deliver them on October 11th to local cancer treatment facilities, charities, and hospitals. AutoNation has raised millions of dollars, engaged thousands of associates, and impacted countless lives in its mission to drive out cancer. Recently, AutoNation was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Just 100 Best Corporate Citizens because of its commitment and extraordinary effort. Learn more about AutoNation or visit a dealership by clicking here. Learn how you can Drive Pink, too.

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