2018 Lincoln Navigator Featured Lincoln Test Drive Reviews 

Don’t Call it a Comeback: 2018 Lincoln Navigator Test Drive

The 1990s were the Wild West for SUVs, and the Lincoln Navigator (introduced for the 1998 model year) represented the gold rush leading a charge of automakers to create bigger, more profitable luxury crossovers and SUVs. In the 20 years since, the Navigator has taken a back seat while rivals like the Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade have become the unofficial vehicles of celebrities and housewives, but the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator is primed to put this SUV – and Lincoln – back on the luxury map. That includes being…

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2018 Toyota Corolla Featured Test Drive Reviews Toyota 

2018 Toyota Corolla Test Drive Review

Ask just about anyone, and they probably have some sort of memory about the Toyota Corolla. Mine was a decade ago with my now-wife as we took our first vacation together road tripping through the southeast in her 2003 Corolla. The Corolla isn’t an exciting car, but Toyota has sold so many of them over the years (more than 44 million since 1966, to be exact) that it is the best-selling nameplate of all time. That brings us to this test drive review. While all the Corolla news lately has…

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Featured Hyundai Test Drive Reviews 

Reverse Halo: 2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Test Drive

When most automakers make a statement vehicle, it’s usually an expensive, high-performance vehicle — something along the lines of, say, a Chevrolet Corvette or an Acura NSX. Such halo vehicles are great examples of brand expression, but they’re often priced out of the reach of average buyers. Looking to put its most expressive vehicle in the hands of any driver, Hyundai has taken a “reverse halo” approach with the Veloster since 2011, and the quirky three-door hatchback ushered in its second generation for the 2019 model year (after skipping 2018)….

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2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Featured Hyundai Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Test Drive Review

As the line between small crossovers and hatchbacks continues to blur more each year, the market for traditional hatchbacks has picked up in the U.S. It isn’t hard to see why as the only major differences between the two segments usually consists of a few millimeters of ride height and slight visual cues (like grey exterior trim on crossovers). The completely redesigned 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT is lower, wider and longer than its predecessor, and unlike its rivals, the hatchback shares nothing with its Alabama-made sedan counterpart. That’s because this…

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Chevrolet Traverse Chevrolet Featured Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Test Drive Review

The market for three-row crossovers has exploded over the last decade, and the mid-sized segment is definitely the hottest. One of the newest offerings in this class is the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse, which goes head-to-head with rivals like the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer and Dodge Durango. With this class focusing on being as family friendly as possible, I recently headed out on a road trip with my 5-year-old daughter to see how the second-generation Traverse stacks up. 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Exterior As mid-size crossovers have increased in popularity, many automakers…

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