Subaru Test Drive Reviews 

2017 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium Test Drive Review

Offered in both a 5-door hatchback and a 4-door sedan, the Subaru Impreza is one of the most versatile small cars on the market today. This is the 2017 Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-door. It comes equipped with a 2.0L boxer 4-cylinder engine with Direct Injection, all-wheel drive, room for five adults and Eyesight Driver Assist Technology to help keep you and your occupants safe. Oh… And the price tag, that’s not bad either. For the full 2017 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium review, specs, pricing and data, read on… 2017 Subaru…

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Dodge Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Dodge Demon First Test Drive Review

The Dodge Challenger is an automotive legend. When first released back in 1970 it was a stylistic triumph in regards to what was being produced by American manufacturers at the time. With its long hood, multiple engine choices (including the 426 HEMI), it was a muscle car in the truest sense. Then in 2008, with cues taken from the original, Dodge reintroduced the Challenger and once again, knocked it out of the park. However, it’s now 2017, and the question is: how then does one breathe new life into a…

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Nissan Test Drive Reviews 

2017 Nissan Titan PRO-4X Test Drive Review

You may not realize it, but pickup trucks are everywhere. In fact, in 2016 there were almost 2.7-million sold nationwide – that’s a big number. So big in fact that Nissan is betting that its new 2017 Titan PRO-4X Crew Cab will be a serious contender in taking some of those sales away from the likes of Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. The PRO-4X is a ½-ton bomber that’s been given a few extra goodies for when the pavement stops, along with a great interior and a host of new gadgetry…

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Ford Test Drive Reviews 

2017 Ford F-250 Lariat 4×4 Crew Cab Test Drive Review

Full disclosure. I have not driven a Ford F-250 in about 10 years. F150s have come and gone, but an F-250 with a diesel? Nope, it’s been awhile. As luck would have it, I had one sitting in my driveway when I found I had to make a same day, round trip transit from San Francisco to Los Angeles. That’s around 800 miles. Was I excited to go? Well, no. However, what better way to see how Ford’s new 2017 F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab equipped with the 6.7-liter diesel…

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Chrysler Test Drive Reviews 

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited Test Drive Review

It’s been 32 years since the Chrysler Minivan first showed its squared-up jaw and quad-headlamps to the world. What started out as a basic box on wheels with a tire shredding 96-horsepower has now morphed into one of the greatest family haulers the world has ever seen. It now packs almost 300 hp, is beautifully designed and thanks to some wonderful engineering, is one of the most versatile people movers we’ve ever encountered. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the new icon – the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. 2017 Chrysler…

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