Lincoln Continental Automotive News Featured Lincoln 

Behold the Beauty of a Modern Lincoln Continental With Suicide Doors

Last week, we wrote about how Lincoln’s official Instagram posted an image which implied we’d soon see a modern Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. And now, that’s exactly what we’re seeing — but it’s not quite what we were hoping for. Because the car you see in these photos is one of just 80 that’ll be produced. The number is a nod to the marque’s 80th birthday, and it’s worth noting that they won’t even be produced by Lincoln, but rather by Cabot Coach Builders of Haverville, Massachusetts. Other than the doors…

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INFINITI Automotive News Featured INFINITI 

INFINITI Teases New Electric Platform Ahead of Detroit Auto Show

At Pebble Beach this year, INFINITI debuted the stunning Prototype 10, a single seat electric racer that was a both an homage to Formula 1’s golden era, and a statement about the company’s future. Looking at its gorgeous lines, you’d be hard pressed not to call it beautiful, but even the most determined gearhead would never call it practical.  The same could be said about its predecessor, the arguably even prettier Prototype 9, which wowed audiences at the legendary event in 2017. But the electric concept  INFINITI is bringing to the…

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Porsche Taycan Automotive News Featured Porsche 

Don’t Wait: Now is the Time To Order Your Porsche Taycan

Consumers might not have noticed, but Tesla has had a target on its back for some time — because Elon Musk’s ambitious start up has been instrumental in transforming the electric car. It’s no longer just a rolling illustration of environmental cred among the crunchy-granola crowd, but a luxury product tech-savvy folks lust after like the latest and greatest iPhone. And that’s the kind of paradigm shift that competitors can’t afford to ignore. So while Tesla’s production struggles and the loose-cannon Twitter posts of its opinionated founder have been making…

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new volkswagen bus Automotive News Featured Volkswagen 

Volkswagen Could Put 15 Million Electric Cars on the Road

It’s no secret that electric cars are the future. Right now, they’re still relatively rare, but even a cursory glance at the news shows that the biggest names in business are working hard to bring them to the masses. That fact was made even more clear this morning, when Volkswagen told Reuters that its new MEB platform could put 15 million green machines on the road. While the report was very brief, it also indicated that VW is putting its money where its mouth is, and will be dumping $12.5 billion…

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2020 Silverado Automotive News Chevrolet Featured 

Check Out the Face of the All-New 2020 Silverado HD: Gallery

The official debut of the Chevy Silverado HD isn’t until February next year, the General has released a bunch of pics of  its flagship big rig, and it looks intense. While the massive grille has proven polarizing with some folks, we happen to think it looks pretty cool, and will likely appeal to plenty of full-size truck fans. That said, the point of the new nose was to make it easy to differentiate the heavy-duty models from the light-duty ones, and in that regard, it works like a charm. With…

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