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The Genesis Essentia Concept Stuns at New York Auto Show

The bad news is that the Genesis Essentia Concept is just that, a concept. And while the press release describes taking it on a weekend jaunt with “no destination in mind,” and goes on at length about all kinds of crazy next-gen tech — “biometric facial recognition,” “driver mood determination” — there’s virtually no chance we’ll ever even see this machine move under its own power.

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Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Hints a German Pickup Could Hit the States

First things first: The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is currently just a concept. But since it was unveiled at this week’s New York Auto Show, it’s a totally unsubtle indication that the company’s executives want to see if there’s an appetite  for a VW pickup in America. And if the response we’ve seen so far today is any indication?  There’s plenty.

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