AutoNation SEMA 2017 Automotive News Featured 

It’s a Wrap: AutoNation at SEMA 2017

Yup, we’ve written a lot about SEMA this week—because at this crazy automotive carnival, there’s always plenty to see! And this year, there was even more to be excited about, because we brought a killer F-150 customized by the experts at Flat 12 Gallery. Since the intricate hand-drawn art even impressed the legendary photographer Larry Chen’s legions of fans, we’re going to call that a win!  So operation AutoNation at SEMA was a huge success! We didn’t spend all our time chatting with fans in the booth though—far from it! We…

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AutoNation SEMA Build Automotive News Videos 

Turning Heads: Video of the AutoNation SEMA Build in Las Vegas

Getting a vehicle ready for the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is no easy task. Picking the right platform, quickly sourcing parts, and assembling the right team are all key factors. But even when everything works perfectly—and everyone knows how often that happens—getting everything buttoned up in time to get through the door of the convention center is always a hustle. So we enlisted the world famous Flat 12 Gallery to manage the AutoNation SEMA build, because if any shop could handle the pressure, it was this crack team…

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Ford SEMA 2017 Automotive News Featured 

Dream Machines Galore: Ford at SEMA 2017

Ford at SEMA is always special. While the awards might change from year to year, the Mustang has been the unofficial car of the show for as long as we can remember, and we’ve seen legions of wicked ones at the Las Vegas Convention Center. That’s in part because of the original pony car’s iconic place in history, and also because there’s a tremendous amount of support for Mustangs old and new, from the Blue Oval and myriad aftermarket vendors. It’s a perfect storm of awesome. Now, while we love…

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Toyota SEMA 2017 Automotive News 

NASCAR in the House: Toyota at SEMA 2017

When it comes to build quality, features, and overall durability, Toyota has long been an industry leader. In fact, it’s not unusual to see the company’s cars crest the 200,000-mile mark having undergone just scheduled maintenance. And while mainstream consumers have flocked to showrooms and bought vehicles like the  Camry, Corolla, and Tacoma in droves, enthusiasts often derided the brand as functional, but uninspired. In recent years, however,  President Akio Toyoda has been leading the charge to shake off that image—and the work has paid incredible dividends. Here are some of…

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FIAT Chrysler at SEMA Automotive News Featured 

Hellcats, Jeeps and Spiders: FIAT Chrysler at SEMA 2017

Given the company’s product line? It’s kind of funny that FIAT Chrysler has to do anything for the SEMA at all. Because the Just Enough Essential Parts crowd is going to continue to buy and customize the venerable Wrangler regardless of what goodies they see at the show. And models like the 707-horsepower Hellcat and the 850-horsepower Demon? They’re so insane, that they make ferocious custom hot rods look tame. But come to Las Vegas, Ma Mopar does—and the booth is always a ton of fun. Here’s what we saw…

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