Twin-Turbo Lexus LC Automotive News Featured 

New Report Boosts Rumors of Twin-Turbo Lexus LC F

Right now, turbos are everywhere, from ferocious sports cars like the Ferrari 488 GTB to sleek, sensible sedans like the Mazda 6. But while many manufacturers have hopped on the forced-induction bandwagon, Toyota—with the notable exception of the turbocharged NX 200t—has  stuck with naturally aspirated engines, even for its high-performance F vehicles. That said, a new report lends further credence to the rumors that a twin-turbo Lexus LC F in on the way. According to Japanese site Holiday Auto, a source inside Lexus says engineers are hard at work on an…

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Turbo Mazda 6 Automotive News Featured 

Things to be Excited About in 2018: A Turbo Mazda 6 is On the Way

There’s no denying that the Mazda 6 is a beautiful car, and enthusiast publications have long touted how wonderful it is to drive. But while there’s been reams of positive press about the sleek sedan, it’s also been noted that the chassis would welcome more power. Fortunately, Mazda has been listening, because now we know a turbo Mazda 6 is on the way. Current models sport a 2.5-liter four-cylinder which makes 184 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque, and while that’s certainly adequate to motivate it, “adequate” isn’t exactly the kind…

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LA Auto Show Mercedes-AMG Project One Automotive News Featured 

Straight From the Floor: Take a Video Tour of the LA Auto Show

The LA Auto Show is one of the biggest dates on the automotive calendar—and the AutoNation Drive team was there in force this year. Along with coverage on some of the big reveals, like the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the long-awaited three-row Lexus RX, and the crazy Star Wars-themed Nissan concepts, we also posted a photo gallery of all the cool vehicles we saw on the floor. But we’re not done! Our crack video teams braved the crowds at the Los Angeles Convention center to shoot a video tour of the entire…

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LA Auto Show Ford GT Automotive News Featured 

Photo Gallery: Highlights from the 2017 LA Auto Show

From the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, to the Lexus RX L, to the Star Wars Nissans, there was plenty of cool stuff at the LA Auto Show this year. Because while Detroit may claim to be the Motor City, any enthusiast will tell you that the City of Angels is the center of automotive culture in the United States, and arguably, the world. Now, we understand that might sound like a bold statement. But while we’re been impressed by the amount of interesting American iron we’ve seen in the wild in…

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Star Wars Nissans Automotive News Featured 

The Force is With Them: Star Wars Nissans at the LA Auto Show

With The Last Jedi set to hit theaters Star Wars fans the world over are freaking out. And at the last major auto show before the premier, Nissan pulled out all the stops to transform its booth into something which would have felt right at home in a galaxy far, far, away. Even casual fans of the series—if there is even such a thing—likely got a big kick out of the Star Wars Nissans at the LA Auto Show. We know we sure did! Our personal favorite was the X-Wing fighter-themed…

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