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No quattro: Audi R8 V10 RWS Will Be Rear-Wheel Drive

Along with sleek lines and class-leading interiors, one of the things Audi is known for is its legendary quattro all-wheel drive system. The trick tech was what led it to dominate rally racing in the 1980s, and it’s also why so many buyers in snow-prone areas opt for cars sporting the four rings. So the idea that the company is ditching the system for the new R8 V10 RWS came as something of a surprise. RWS stands for Rear Wheel Series, and Audi made the move to offer enthusiasts more…

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911 R Automotive News 

Answered Prayers: Porsche Will Build a Regular-Production 911 R

The 911 R is a Porsche enthusiast’s Porsche. It’s a 500-horsepower, naturally aspirated track slaying beast with a proper six-speed manual, and so hardcore that air conditioning and a stereo system are options. Top speed is 200 mph, and for good measure, it came with a totally trick houndstooth interior. But like most things that sound too good to be true? There’s a rub. Aside from the fact that it cost 185k, Stuttgart only made 991 of them for the entire world. So getting your hands on one, provided you…

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Ranger Raptor Automotive News 

Enthusiast Love From the Blue Oval: Ford is Building a Ranger Raptor

While the crossover market is red hot — and has no signs of cooling — it’s interesting to note that the mid-size pickup segment is gaining steam. For years, the Toyota Tacoma has had the space almost to itself, and while Chevrolet and Hyundai are looking for a piece of the action, Ford is hardly letting that go unnoticed. The Blue Oval is bringing back the Ranger, and now we know they’re also going to answer the pleas of enthusiasts by way of a Ranger Raptor. Now, we had the…

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Hybrid Electric Jaguar Automotive News 

Sign of the Times: A Hybrid Electric Jaguar Land Rover is the Future

While many enthusiasts aren’t, to put it mildly, exactly thrilled about it, the writing is on the wall: Internal combustion’s days are numbered. So Jaguar Land Rover going hybrid electric shouldn’t be terribly shocking. But what might be more surprising is the timeline, as the company recently stated that after 2020, no vehicle in its entire lineup will rely solely on a traditional powerplant. But to keep things in perspective, we feel we should say that a hybrid electric Jaguar is far from the end of the world. For Captain…

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BMW Concept Z4 Automotive News 

Don’t Change a Thing: The BMW Concept Z4 is Drop-Dead Gorgeous

We’ve said it before: Concept cars are a bit of a tease. They’re an invitation for designers to let their imaginations off leash, and often spurn ungainly — but necessary — appendages like door handles or mirrors in favor of heartbreaking lines, and details that would be impossible to mass produce. But we have reason to be hopeful when looking at the stunning new BMW Concept Z4, because recent history demonstrates BMW is better than most at translating dreamy designs into driveable reality. Just look at the i3 and the…

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