Performance Hybrid Automotive News Featured 

Green and Mean: Performance Hybrid Models Coming From Toyota

There was loads of news out of the Frankfurt Motor Show, and predictably, much of it revolved around the industry-wide advancement of hybrid technology. Now, Toyota has long been a power player in that realm, and this year, the company used the event to announce that performance hybrid models are coming to its lineup. For enthusiasts with a green streak, this should come as welcome news. Of course, hybrids have come a long way since the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius were the only ones on the road. Today,…

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Land Rover Car Automotive News Featured 

Latest Rumors From the U.K. Suggest a Land Rover Car is Coming

Our friends at Autocar are among the best in the business when it comes to scoops and industry intel. But we have to admit, this latest rumor about a Land Rover car has us scratching out heads. According to a recent article, the “Road Rover,” as it’s being called, will be aimed squarely at the heavyweight that’s the Mercedes S-Class, and distinguish itself by being fully electric. Just to keep our heads spinning, and to keep the mystery sedan in line with Land Rover’s famous history, it will supposedly feature…

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Polestar Hybrid Automotive News 

Volvo’s Polestar Hybrid Performance Coupe Will Drop October 17th

Back in June, Volvo Cars made waves when it announced its standalone performance brand would be going all hybrid. And this month, we’ll get out first look at Polestar’s hybrid performance coupe. Since being sold to Chinese giant Geely in 2010, Volvo has released some of the most beautiful, refined cars in its history, and has steadily evolved from its niche status into a more prominent player in upper-end luxury segment. Models like the sporty V60 wagon and the stately XC90 SUV have spurred record sales in 2017 — and…

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Genesis G70 Automotive News 

Hyundai Enters Compact Luxury Sedan Market With the Genesis G70

When it was released back in 2008, Hyundai’s Genesis sedan marked a watershed moment for the company. At the time, the brand had largely shed its reputation for producing rickety econoboxes, but remained untested in the arena of upscale luxury, and the reams of positive press the Genesis generated quickly demonstrated Hyundai was ready to take on the segment’s biggest players. With the Genesis G70, the marque is now poised to take aim at the venerable BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Since 2015, Hyundai’s luxury offerings — including the…

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Hybrid Mazda Automotive News 

Look for a Fully Hybrid Mazda Lineup Starting Around 2030

American buyers looking for a hybrid Mazda will have to wait, but a new report from Reuters says that starting around 2030, everything in the automaker’s lineup will be either all-electric or a gas-electric hybrid. The news comes on the heels of several manufacturers — including Volvo, Jaguar, and Maserati — committing to a similar shift, and you don’t need a crystal ball to see that more companies are likely to pile on the green bandwagon in the next few years. If anything, we’re surprised that the deadline for the…

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