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Head to Head: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS vs 2017 BMW M2 Head to Heads & Advice 

Head to Head: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. 2017 BMW M2

Often seen pitted against each other in drag races, this odd couple somehow is rapidly becoming a staple on the circuit, perhaps because the Chevy Camaro is an epic American muscle car and the BMW M2 is the height of sophistication-meets-sporty. It’s a hallmark year for the Chevrolet, as the Camaro nameplate hits the big 5-0, taking it into its sixth generation. As serious a contender as there’s ever been, the BMW M2 is perhaps the most often-cited fan-favorite BMW M-line vehicle ever constructed; with the M-series setting the benchmark…

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Top Things Millennials Want in a Car Head to Heads & Advice 

Top Things Millennials Want in a Car

The topic of what millennials want has been exhausted. Yet still, the psychology behind their purchases is fascinating to all generations. We condone their hardcore research ways and savvy digital knowledge, and we applaud the things they value. Here are the top things millennials want in a car, according to research conducted online. Do millennials prefer new or used cars? New cars. What’s an important thing millennials consider when purchasing a new car—which is a sign of the times? Environmental concerns (eco-conscientiousness). What is another driving force in influencing a…

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2017 Genesis G80 Head to Heads & Advice 

Why You’ll Love the 2017 Genesis G80

The car formerly known as the Hyundai Genesis is now the 2017 Genesis G80 and is creating quite a name for itself in its reinvention. With the new name comes additional standard features that were once optional, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. But these aren’t the only reasons why you’ll love the 2017 Genesis G80. As for the now-standard features that once came at an extra cost, the list includes: blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and a power-adjustable steering wheel. There’s also a larger touchscreen, measuring in at…

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cars with super easy maintenance Head to Heads & Advice 

Cars with Super Easy Maintenance

Everyone seems to have that friend or relative who always seems to be taking their car in for repairs. No one likes having to shell out the big bucks on a regular basis for costly auto repair. Taking a cue from the increasingly savvy new breed of consumer researcher with access to endless bits of information, we set out to discover which cars were costing consumers the most in repairs and also—to identify the cars with super easy maintenance. The good news is the word is out and automotive retailers…

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Top 5 Reliable Used Cars in 2017 Automotive News 

Top 5 Reliable Used Cars in 2017

The top 5 reliable used cars in 2017 survey looked at all car brands, taking data from a JD Powers Study of 100 cars per brand, and then reporting back the vehicles with the least amount of issues, on cars that were three years old. Now more than ever consumers are demanding dependability in their cars, which is the arcing theme of the Vehicle Dependability Study. Based on issues that were reported over the course of the last year by owners, the areas focused on: heating/cooling, engine/transmission, features/controls, entertainment/navigation, and…

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