2019 INFINITI QX50 Automotive News Featured INFINITI Lexus 

All-New 2019 Infiniti QX50 Overkills In Innovation

With the emphasis on a “strengthened connection between driver and vehicle,” the all-new 2019 Infiniti QX50 uses the exclusive VC-Turbo engine and ProPILOT Assist technology to accomplish this. Although the Infiniti QX50 has up till now existed as a concept, the recent design integrations have generated quite a buzz. The highly-anticipated midsized luxury SUV rolls onto dealership lots this coming spring. That engine, though Possibly the most impressive detail about the luxury SUV, the Infiniti QX50 has the world’s first variable compression engine, a feat that took nearly twenty years…

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automotive New Year’s Resolutions resolutions Automotive News AutoNation Best Practices Featured Head to Heads & Advice 

Here are Your Top Three Automotive New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year comes rolling in, we often take a personal inventory, and as a result, the New Year’s resolutions spring forth. Lots of folks start off the New Year committed to winning at life, through bettering our health and well-being, and just generally trying to be more altruistic humans in general, and that’s great. But what about our cars? What if we were to take all this gumption and apply it to our automobiles too? Because while we spend a good majority of our time in our vehicles,…

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2018 Lexus LS 500 Automotive News Featured Head to Heads & Advice Lexus 

The 2018 Lexus LS 500 is Next-Level Luxury

Luxury, build quality, and reliability have traditionally been areas where Lexus has excelled. But under the leadership of President—and racing enthusiast—Akio Toyoda, the company has also focused on performance, and cars like the RC F, GS F, and LC 500 have shown it to be more than capable in that arena as well. So we weren’t surprised to learn the company’s new LS 500, while weighing over 4,700 pounds, will still make the trip from zero to 60 in a scant 4.6 seconds. That said? We’re even more impressed with…

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BMW i8 gets bigger batteries Automotive News BMW Featured 

Bigger Batteries and More: What’s New for the BMW i8

The two-seater open-top BMW i8 Hybrid Roadster was recently added to the i8 lineup, slated to go on sale in the spring of 2018. The plug-in hybrid has been engineered to hold more battery power, with an accelerated battery capacity and range. Bigger batteries for the BMW i8 include an increase in capacity to 34 ampere hours—up from 20 ampere hours. Additionally, the bigger battery power for the BMW i8 includes the ability to drive the first 18 miles in electric mode, which beats the outgoing coupe by 30 per…

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Audi Traffic Jam Assist Audi Automotive News Featured 

Audi Traffic Jam Assist Will Make Your Daily Commute Worlds Better

At the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) earlier this month, Audi generated a lot of  buzz with a presentation of its neural network, which generates highly precise 3D models. It’s trick tech, and it’s the brains behind Audi Traffic Jam Assist. Audi became the first automobile brand manufacturer to showcase at NIPS back in 2016, and this year, the Audi Electronics Venture project team presented a 3D mapping system which uses a single camera.  But Audi isn’t going about this ambitious project alone. It’s a collaborative effort using intel…

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