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ford focus rs white hot Head to Heads & Advice 

Why the Ford Focus RS is White Hot & Viral

Ah, Ford Focus RS. Star of track and road. Legions are in love with this performance hatchback. So why’s it so viral? Maybe it’s your outstanding 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of turbocharged torque from what some would call a modest 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine, beating out some serious V6 and V8 powerhouses. Maybe it’s your four driving modes: Normal, Sport, Track, Drift. In Drift mode, you can drift through turns at the track as a result of the AWD system delivering more torque to the rear axle. Or maybe its…

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funny car smells Head to Heads & Advice 

Funny Car Smells & What They Mean

Not all car smells can be masked with an air freshener. Persistently unnatural funny car smells originating in your vehicle can often be an indication something has gone awry with one of your car’s internal systems. Sweet Take, for instance, a sickeningly sweet odor. Ever experienced this? It may smell like rancid fruit. Either you have forgotten an old apple that is decaying in the depths of a hidden crevice or you might have a leak in one of your coolant vessels. Antifreeze is often the culprit. Tip: How to…

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transmission is slipping Head to Heads & Advice 

What to Do When Your Transmission is Slipping

Is your transmission slipping, sliding or just misbehaving in general? How can you tell if the reason behind your car’s new and unpredictable behavior is due to a misfiring transmission? If you can identify any of the following signs and symptoms, you’ll have a much better idea of what the problem is, and consequently, what to do when your automatic transmission is slipping. Vibrate Is your car sending out bad vibes? True, any time we are faced with the threat of real or imagined danger to our cars, it’s not…

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why you should never drive on empty Head to Heads & Advice 

Why You Should Never Drive on Empty

The average fuel pump replacement costs $1,000-$2,000. If you knew you could avoid shelling out this cash, would you? Most of us will answer ‘Yes’ while keeping this data retrievable somewhere in our mental filing system. But the truth is, we still are prone to procrastinate and selectively notice when the low fuel warning light kicks in. We hope to change all that by going a little deeper into why you should never drive on empty. How Fuel Pumps Work One job the fuel pump has is to distribute fuel…

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Top Suspension Problems Head to Heads & Advice 

Top Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

If you avoid routes with rough roads because each bump sends a jolt you can feel in your bones, it’s time to face your potential suspension problems head-on. Identifying the suspension problem should not be difficult as you can troubleshoot it by isolating out the following suspension components: Shock absorbers/dampers and bushings: You can tell when your shocks are worn out by your car’s inability to stay grounded on the road when traveling over divots. Bumps may joust you violently from your seat. Even normal wear and tear of your…

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