First Compression Ignition Engine Automotive News 

World’s First Compression Ignition Engine Developed by Mazda

Mazda has created a first-of-its-kind internal combustion engine that is being rolled out with new models in 2019. What’s so great about this engine is efficiency. The new engine has been christened Skyactiv-X, and it’s supposed to go farther on less gas. In fact, Mazda has stated that this first compression ignition engine is going to be 20 to 30 percent more efficient than conventional engines and deliver 10 to 30 percent more torque. Skyactiv-X is being billed as the “ideal internal combustion engine,” by Kiyoshi Fujiwara who leads the…

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Ford F-150 Series Automotive News 

Why We Can’t Get Enough of the Ford F-Series

Ford and innovation go together like football and beer. From the creation of the assembly line to the new and improved SYNC 3, Ford Motor Company is no stranger to changing the playing field. Their signature pickup trucks, the Ford F-Series, have earned them not only the title of top-selling truck for forty years, but also, the the best-selling vehicle for 35 years. In fact in 2016, the Ford F-Series truck sold at a rate of one per minute. Light-duty full-size pickups are all the rage, and with Ford, the…

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2017 Nissan Rogue Head to Heads & Advice 

How the 2017 Nissan Rogue Soared to the Top

Hitting spot #4 in top vehicle sales for the first half of the year, the 2017 Nissan Rogue is the most popular crossover SUV in the US right now. How did 2017 become the year of the Rogue? Star Wars promotional tie-in A comfortable, quiet cabin Heated front seats come standard on SL models. The front seats are ultra-comfortable and the rear seats have air ventilation. The ride is confident, smooth, and quiet. Fitting for drivers of all sizes The multiple positions of the driver’s seat, as well as the…

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all terrain tires Head to Heads & Advice 

All Terrain Tires for Light Trucks – Why You Need Them

In the work-hard-play-hard world of today, it’s no surprise crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks are in demand. Light trucks are doing particularly well. Are you the type of light truck driver that takes the truck as was built by the manufacturer, or are you more of a custom-built and add-on truck fan? Regardless, in your assemblage of the perfect vehicle, don’t overlook one of the most important parts. You need tires that are well-suited for the job. You want them to be both on-and-off-road competent. What else? Looks matter. The…

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Buying a Used Car in 2017 Head to Heads & Advice 

Top Benefits of Buying a Used Car in 2017

2017 is shaping up to be the perfect year to buy a used car. It’s akin to the “buyer’s market” in real estate. Only for cars. Used cars. What’s so special about this year and what are the benefits of buying a used car in 2017? Get luxury, without the premium price tag A great majority of pre-owned vehicles that were leased are now returning to dealer lots. A hefty chunk of these vehicles are luxury vehicles that are only gently used and properly maintained due to contractual obligations. In…

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