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Andy Grammer Will Headline the AutoNation Cure Bowl Concert

AutoNation is pleased to announced that multi-platinum Artist Andy Grammer will headline the pregame tailgate and concert at this year’s AutoNation Cure Bowl. When his self-titled debut was released in 2011, Grammer immediately took the charts by storm, so everyone at Team AutoNation is thrilled to have such a talented artist stepping up to help us in the fight against cancer.

After songs like  “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine by Me,” entered into heavy rotation, Grammer followed up with his 2014 album, Magazines or Novels, which spawned the single “Honey I’m Good,” a feel-great anthem that shot into a top-ten spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and cemented him into the hearts of fans across the country. For a performer who started his career busking at Southern California’s Santa Monica Pier and playing tiny clubs around Los Angeles, it marked a huge turning point. But fortunately, no change in the optimism and energy which distinguished his initial efforts.

Overall, the theme of “Honey I’m Good” is about staying humble, being grounded, and staying true to the one you love—even when temptation rears its ugly head. As opposed to going for some large-scale production for the video, Grammer decided to use a collection of real-life couples, and the result is a three-minute burst of pure joy. Obviously, the message of sticking by your partner is one that’s sure to have a particular resonance for anyone that’s been touched by cancer, and it’s sure to go over like gangbusters when Grammer plays it for audiences at the AutoNation Cure Bowl. Grammer is set to hit the stage at noon on December 15th at Orlando’s Tinker Field, and everyone at Team AutoNation can’t wait to see him in action! We’re also sure to hear tracks from his forthcoming album Smoke Clears, set for release on December 1st, so die-hard fans have even more reason to be excited!

For a full schedule of everything happening at this year’s AutoNation Cure Bowl, head to our official page, and stay tuned for more news on everything AutoNation is doing to win the fight against cancer! We can tackle this!

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