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Android Auto Gets Waze

Waze for Android Auto has been integrated into auto infotainment systems that use Google’s Android-based technology. Waze, the mobile navigation app with the tagline, “Outsmarting traffic together,” is currently in use by almost 50 million users, or “wazers.” This leading live map navigation system feeds drivers’ data that is contributed in real time and shared by real users, which also makes it more relatable and likable. The waze-craze is on! And we have a hunch wazers are going to like the fact that Android Auto gets Waze.

Wazers Favorite Features
With Waze, you can create routes based on your calendar events—this is not offered by any other provider [at this time] and is to be appreciated by those with demanding schedules. Just one tap on the screen will get you directions to each event’s location.

One tap on the map also gets you a list of all the gas stations in the area, but not only this, you can compare gas prices, and receive additional details like type of gas and distance. Waze can also alert you to speed traps, accidents, traffic jams, road construction, and other road hazards.

If you aren’t feeling terribly social and don’t want to actively participate with your fellow wazers, there is a feature that lets you become invisible. You can also select and modify which features you want to enable and disable. Speaking of distraction, the in-car version of the navigation app has been modified for simplicity while traveling by vehicle. The Android Auto in-car Waze display has icons, menus, and fonts that are not only larger in size, but created for the driver—so complex steps have been simplified.

If you are psyched to learn that Android Auto gets Waze, and you happen to be shopping for a car that has this latest software rollout, it might interest you to know that several car manufacturers are building their new cars with Android Auto and Waze built in. Included among these are GM and Chevrolet. You can visit your local AutoNation dealership to see Waze in action when you test drive a Chevrolet or GM vehicle that is Android Auto and Waze equipped.

After all, who wouldn’t want to listen to the soothing drawl of Elvis Presley guiding them through traffic to their destination?

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