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All Terrain Tires for Light Trucks – Why You Need Them

In the work-hard-play-hard world of today, it’s no surprise crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks are in demand. Light trucks are doing particularly well. Are you the type of light truck driver that takes the truck as was built by the manufacturer, or are you more of a custom-built and add-on truck fan?

Regardless, in your assemblage of the perfect vehicle, don’t overlook one of the most important parts. You need tires that are well-suited for the job. You want them to be both on-and-off-road competent.

What else? Looks matter. The popular trend for the appearance of all terrain tires for light trucks calls for an aggressive look that underscores the sidewall area, without compromising the off-road handling, naturally. The tread for this popular tire come in oversized chunks that offer phenomenal traction and are arranged in a variety of different designs to appeal to a wide spectrum of styles.

Noise is another factor to contend with. If you can cut any resulting ruckus, you’ve won over a portion of the all terrain tire demographic. Tires that use tie-bars for tying blocks together have the right idea.

Why the sudden push for all-terrain tires for light trucks? Mostly this is a result of a lower gas prices and a strong US economy. The SUV and crossover sectors have seen an uptick in recent sales as well. Light trucks are historically known to last longer than sedans, which would indicate a need for replacement tires more often for the trucks than the sedans.

Colorado, California, Oregon, Ohio and Texas are among the states where the uptick in all terrain tires for light trucks has been reported. It’s no surprise when the tires overall have improved in the last ten years and typically include better mileage warranties. People now want the versatility of all-weather tires for their light trucks and SUVs that can handle the highways as well as a variety of terrains, from rocky mountain pathways to sandy dunes to muddy forest roads to icy mountain passes to primitive unpaved country roads, and so on.

If you’re the owner of a light truck or SUV and are searching for quality all-terrain tires, find an AutoNation Service Center near you. Look for extended night and weekend hours and an expansive inventory of tires and parts at participating AutoNation retailers.

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