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3 Tips for the Novice Used Car Buyer

If you’ve never bought a used car before, it might be an intimidating experience. It may even be the first car you’ve ever bought, which makes it all the more terrifying. If you count yourself a novice car-buyer, you’re in the right place. Car buying is only as easy as the dealership makes it, and the more information you have ahead of the time, the better off you’ll be. Here are our 3 tips for the novice used car buyer currently on the prowl.


#1 Know Your Lifestyle
Are you regularly carting a family of five around town? Are you commuting to and from a bustling metropolis every day? Are you hauling materials on a daily basis? Before you go to buy a used car, you need to understand what your lifestyle is like. Your lifestyle will dictate what type of car you need, as well as the financial backing you have to make it happen. If you need something durable and hearty that can move things from point A to point B, you’ll probably want a truck. If you have people you need to cart around, you’ll probably want a large SUV or a minivan. Figure out what your needs are, and then go from there.


#2 Take Your Test Drives Seriously
When you go to the dealership, don’t be afraid to test drive everything that you’re interested in. Test drives only cost you time, and they’re the best way for you to become acquainted with your potential purchase. If you don’t like the way the driver’s seat fits to you in one car, don’t hesitate to try another. If you’re not in love with one brand, give another brand’s similar vehicle a try as well. You might surprise yourself with what you actually enjoy.


#3 Utilize Your Salesperson
Your salesperson is your guide. Ask them as many questions as you can, both about the vehicle and about the process of buying the vehicle. Ask about vehicle history and potential maintenance. Ask about what the trim level includes. Ask about other cars that might be similar. They’re there to help you get behind the wheel of the car you’re looking for, and they’ll answer any questions you pose to the best of their ability.


If you’re ready to do some exploration, visit your local AutoNation or AutoNation USA dealership. You can see available inventory on the dealership websites so that you can get an idea of what’s waiting for you. Make an appointment or drop by at your convenience.

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