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It’s Official: 2019 Corvette ZR1 Hits 212 MPH

Back in February, we wrote about how the 2019 Corvette ZR1 spanked the Ford GT by snatching the lap record at Virginia International Raceway. But until now, we didn’t know exactly how fast the latest and greatest version of America’s Sports Car would go flat out — and it’s a predictably insane 212 mph.

The video below was shot at the track in Papenburg, Germany, and shows the 755-horsepower monster making two runs, the first with the wind, and the next against it. With a tailwind, the ZR1 hits a whopping 214 mph, and even with a headwind, still manages 210 mph. Average that out, and you’ll get 212 mph, which makes it the fastest Corvette to ever leave Bowling Green. While the car was set up slightly differently than it was at VIR — most notably, it ditched the rear wing to reduce drag — this is the same machine you’ll be able to buy at your local AutoNation Chevy dealer, provided you have the coin.

One question we have is why there were actually two guys in the car for the test. Because if you’re aiming to up performance, it’s generally a good idea to ditch all the weight you can, and this isn’t like a rally, where you need a co-driver to call out turns in the course. So why there’s an extra 180 pounds of dude in the cabin is kind of a mystery to us. Next time we’re talking to the folks from Chevy, we’ll try to get some clarification.

Another question we have is exactly how long the 2019 Corvette ZR1 will hold the record of fastest Corvette. Because whether the General has officially acknowledged it or not, we know that a mid-engine version is on the way — and it’s sure to be a rocket ship.

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