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Burnout Machines: All 2018 Mustangs Will Get Line-Lock

OK, unless you’re using drag radials specially designed for the quarter mile? There’s really no point to a burnout. That said, they’re awesome fun, and by adding line-lock to the EcoBoost Mustangs, Ford is giving all buyers of its iconic pony car the opportunity to safely roast the tires.

For those who aren’t familiar with line-lock, the concept is pretty simple. Engaging the system locks the front brakes independently of the rear, so when you put your foot to the floor, the rear meats are free to spin with impunity, and create billows of smokey goodness. Like we said, unless you’re using drag radials — which are designed to get stickier after they heat up — there’s absolutely no point to a burnout. It’s really all about showing off and celebrating the majesty of internal combustion.

Of course, line-lock systems have been popular among straight-line racers and enthusiasts for years. But the fact that Ford actually included one on a passenger vehicle? That speaks volumes about its commitment to its enthusiast base. Seriously, if there were folks out there doubting the Blue Oval’s street cred, they’re probably pacified at this point. And if they aren’t, we have no earthly idea what it would take to make them happy.

Now, you might be unconvinced that spinning your tires for the sake of spinning your tires is fun. And that’s kind of understandable — especially if you’ve recently shelled out for new rubber. So we invite you to check out the video below, where Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. has some average car customers test out the system, with predicable results.

Up until this point, line-lock has only been available on GT models. But now that V-6 Mustang is officially gone, Ford decided to extend it across the entire range, and we support the decision wholeheartedly. Fortunately, if you’re looking to pick up an EcoBoost Mustang to create some smoke clouds yourself, you won’t have to wait long, as they’ll be available at your local AutoNation Ford dealer this fall.

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