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Here’s Why the 2018 Ford Mustang GT Got Quiet Start Mode

The 2018 Ford Mustang is notable for plenty of reasons. It has a 7,500 rpm redline, it’s faster to 60 mph than a Porsche 911 Carrera, and it comes standard with what’s basically burnout mode. But as the Blue Oval recently proved, it can also be quite polite.

Case in point? The “Be a Good Neighbor” video. Because while it might sound strange to enthusiasts, not everyone thinks the sound of a 460-horsepower V-8 sparking to life is amazing. In fact, some people find it downright disruptive. So because the world is a complicated place and it pays to play well with others, Ford has included Quiet Start function on the latest iteration of its iconic pony car.

Once you access Quiet Start in the infotainment system, you can set it to automatically muffle the car’s exhaust during specific times. So if you’re unfortunate enough to have to regularly get up at the crack of dawn, you could tell the system to keep it engaged from midnight to 9 a.m., so you won’t interrupt your neighbor’s beauty sleep.

In Quiet Start mode, the V-8 comes in at around 70 decibels, which is somewhere south of the suburb-friendly dull roar. Now here’s the rub.

According to the press release, the idea for Quiet Start came to Ford engineer Steve von Foerster after his neighbor called the cops on him for starting a Shelby GT350 Mustang when he left for work. Apparently, the wicked machine was just a little too loud for this neighbor — and that makes us a little conflicted here. Because while the feature is undeniably cool, the idea that a neighbor decided to get the cops involved over something as simple as a street-legal car being fired up? That’s not going to elicit much sympathy from us.

So when you test drive the 2018 Mustang at your local AutoNation Ford dealer, make sure to have the salesperson demonstrate Quiet Start for you.

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