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2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition Debuts at Geneva International Motor Show

In some instances, pictures do more justice than words. This is one of those instances. The 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition, revealed to the eager audience at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, satisfied every racing craving Scion and Toyota enthusiasts have had for ages. And, by the way- only 1720 of them will be sold in the United States, so if you’re stateside, best jump on this one early.


The 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition comes in either Supernova Orange or Halo White, with Supernova Orange being featured here. A split black racing stripe lines the 860 from nose to rear, letting the uninformed know that this particular Toyota 86 means business. 17-inch wheels boast a black chrome finish complementing the more vibrant exterior color. LED foglights provide illuminated security out front and restyled fender vents offer the 860 that touch of individuality it desired.


The 2017 Toyota 860 86 also comes with a thin rear spoiler that has its origins in the Euro-spec Toyota 86. Enhancements have been made to its exterior aerodynamics, such as an underbody panel. Inside, the lucky few owners will enjoy push-button start, heated front seats, and sumptuous black leather with orange stitching throughout. A 4.2-inch infotainment display houses a variety of driving enthusiast tools, such as a stopwatch, G-force meter, and more. Both a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic (with paddle shifters, of course) will be available on the 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition.


The manual transmission lays claim to 5-horsepower more at 205-horsepower and 156-lbft of torque. Either variant features a re-tuned suspension and softer springs. If you fell in love with the Scion FR-S or the Subaru BRZ, but were holding out for something equally triumphant- though just a tad more performance based- the 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition is your answer. With only 860 Supernova Orange and 860 Halo White models being produced for the States, it’s sure to go quick. Take a jaunt over to your local AutoNation Toyota dealership to learn more.

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