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Ford Fusion Energi Gets 610 Mile Range for Plug-in Hybrid

September 26, 2016 |

If you’re one of the millions of US drivers who won’t buy into an electric vehicle because of range anxiety, then Ford has a car for you: The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid.

This travel an EPA-estimated 610 miles … Read More

A Closer Look at the Mercedes-Benz Vision Maybach 6 Concept

September 26, 2016 |

Mercedes-Benz has been quite busy revamping its lineup with a slew of new models. Most important was the new design of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class flagship sedan, which also spawned the beautiful Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. With the debut of the … Read More

2016 Chrysler 200S Test Drive Review

September 26, 2016 |

With organic lines and a luxurious interior the 2016 Chrysler 200S seeks to attract the attention of buyers looking for a well-appointed mid-size sedan that doesn’t strain the wallet. With 295-horsepower on tap, a 9-speed transmission and all-wheel drive, it … Read More

Baby on the Way: Car Shopping Tips for Parents of a Newborn

September 23, 2016 |

Having a baby is one of the life events that is a great predictor of a car purchase. There was never really a checklist for new parents that let them know what they should be looking for when they go out … Read More

5 Reasons Why We Love Cars

September 23, 2016 |

The next time you get behind the wheel, can you come up with your top reasons for your love of driving? Whatever your list looks like, car aficionados the world over all have their own personal reasons for their car … Read More

Meet the New 2017 Audi TT RS

September 22, 2016 |

The Audi TT is a small two-door sports car that has held its own in a fairly competitive segment and has generated an impressive following that has helped push it to become a more mainstream luxury sports car. To help … Read More

Volvo’s Award-winning XC90 Polestar is Most Powerful Ever

September 22, 2016 |

The 2017 XC90 has already had accolades rained upon it for creature comforts, safety, and performance, however, the 2017 XC90 Polestar model takes it to the extreme.

Volvo has upped the power in the XC90 Polestar to 421-hp T8 hybrid … Read More